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A Voice For Women

We are committed to helping women

tap into their intrinsic wisdom

to build, grow, expand and amplify

their online presence

through self expression.

Express your authentic voice. We’ll evangelize your personal brand so you can strengthen your confidence and build your following.

Yin Leadership Network is a self-organized community created to guide and enable ambitious leaders so they can become their best selves.


We offer support along three pivotal paths:

  1. Finding Your True Voice

  2. Voicing Your Truth

  3. Expanding Your True Voice

Whether you’re focused on building a business or making a positive impact on society,

Yin Leadership Network is a resilient platform designed to help you thrive - professionally and personally. 

Yin Leadership Network:
A Path to Transformation

Join our community to:

  1. Enhance your self-awareness  

  2. Reveal your true voice and its value to the world

  3. Broaden your social media and personal branding knowledge

  4. Expand and nurture your writing and speaking skills

  5. Share and create with other great women and the market at large

  6. Become a Yin Host and receive a share of the membership fees for each of your Cohort members

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Start Today
Find The Right Path For You

What are you ready for?

Confident Woman

Clarity of Mind

Finding your true voice

through reflection and inner work

Over the course of 3 months, you will: 

  1. Get a bird’s-eye view of where you are. 

  2. Identify and understand where you want to go.

  3. Create a roadmap to get there.

Yin Leadership Network platform guides you on a journey to evaluate your values, assess essential areas of your life or business, and explore ways to take action. 

Clarity of Brand

Voicing your truth

through your social identity

Over a 6-week period, you will:

  1. Expand your soft skills.

  2. Craft your story arc and/or refresh your resume.

  3. Optimize your online presence with a unique, authentic social media profile.

The Yin community will help you prepare yourself to be quietly ready for your new chapter
and confident in your ability
to bring it to life. 

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Clarity of Voice

Expanding your true voice

through self-expression

Over a 6-week period, you will:

  1. Take the stage to master your speaking ability.

  2. Receive feedback from trusted peers to improve your performance and creation.

  3. Become a thought leader and activist.

By sharing your story and experiences, you will access new learnings and flow forward in alignment with your purpose, values, and your chosen form of expression.

Are you a Coach or Consultant?

We are creating a new category of community

by empowering individuals to collaborate

in writing a story together and sharing profits.

By joining our community, you have a voice in how the story unfolds

and earn money from your efforts as well.