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Choose the right Path for you

Bring your ideas, concepts, business, and your self to a higher level,
while deeply connecting with other empowered women
through community rituals and group exercises. 


Your True Voice 

3-month Journey for $55 per month

Yin Leadership Network platform guides you on a journey to evaluate your values, assess essential areas of your life or business, and explore ways to take action. 

Acknowledge and show up as your truest self. It matters more than ever. You have something very special to offer; Your voice is unique and will benefit the world by adding to its beautiful diversity.

You’ll stretch the thoughts and possibilities that flow into your day-to-day experiences and play a role in your next moves; positively influencing your work, others, and yourself.

Benefits & Outcomes

  1. Get a bird’s-eye view of where you are to identify and understand where you want to go

  2. Create a roadmap to get there

  3. Create or refresh your resume

  4. Create a unique social media profile

What to Expect

  1. Meet your peers in a welcome group gathering

  2. Gather every two weeks on Zoom to work on your plan with experts

  3. Use the Roadmap Framework to dive into your own desires

  4. Complete a monthly self-awareness assessment to witness your progress

  5. Learn how to build a resume and a social media profile to showcase your unique story

Pre-requirements: None.


Your Truth

3-month Journey for $75 per month

Once you have gained clarity
and become grounded in a new direction for your business and yourself, Yin community will help you prepare yourself to be quietly ready for your new chapter
and confident in your ability
to bring it to life. 

Community is more critical to our success than ever.


You will practice and dedicate your mind and body to voicing your truth.

Benefits & Outcomes

  1. Optimize your online presence

  2. Generate your own content with the help of Yin Hosts* and the community

  3. Receive feedback from trusted peers to improve your performance and creation

What to Expect

  1. Meet your peers in a welcome group gathering

  2. Gather every two weeks on Zoom to work on writing and speaking skills with experts

  3. Use a self-awareness assessment to witness your progress

  4. Learn how to write, speak, and build an online presence.

  5. Pitch and practice your speaking in front of the community to receive qualitative feedback.

Pre-requirements: You have an existing social media and personal brand, or you’ve completed the Find Your True Voice membership path.

Expanding Your True Voice

3-month Journey for $95 per month

The community will apply brand marketing principles to amplify your true voice by sharing your content - written or recorded - on our social media platforms and other blogs, podcasts, and websites. 

By sharing your story and experiences and witnessing those of others, you will access new learnings and find a path of hope lighting up before you.


Together, we’ll build a bold, model to impact the future by reframing obsolete language, old thinking, and stuck patterns to bravely create from our hearts.

Benefits & Outcomes

  1. Take the stage to write and speak for a broader audience

  2. Become a thought leader and activist

  3. Practice a new form of leadership as a Yin Host*

What to Expect

  1. Meet your peers in a welcome group gathering

  2. Meet monthly to work on becoming a thought leader

  3. Use a Publishing framework to strategize your expansion

  4. Use a self-awareness assessment to witness your progress

  5. Communicate one-on-one with a Yin Host coach 

  6. Become a Yin Host*

Pre-requirements: You are a published writer, or you’ve completed the Practice Voicing Your Truth membership path.

Stories About Individual Growth

*As a Yin Leadership Host, you will facilitate the journey of other members, gain recognition as a leader in your industry space or throughout the larger community, and receive exposure in the Yin Leadership Network branded promotional materials, social channels, and newsletters.

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