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Our Community

We are many things: New Yorkers, Originally from Minnesota, Born in France, in Hawaii and Italy, Mothers of College students, Single, Dog and Cat Lovers, Immigrants, Choral Singers, Weight lifters, Tap Dancers, and more.

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Our Story

Founded in 2022, in response to a world in crisis, Yin Leadership Network's purpose is to give women a voice.


Our commitment: Help women build, grow, and scale their online presence through self-expression.


We believe the world needs more female voices because it’s a better place when the feminine and masculine energies are in balance. This new balance will solve the planet’s biggest challenges.

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Our Making

We originate from AcornOak Agency Cooperative, founded in 2019 as a digital marketing agency to serve start-ups and solo-entrepreneurs. Months before the Pandemic hit, the agency focused on its mission to help women of experience while supporting SMBs as fractional CMOs and their outside digital marketing teams. We experimented with a new distributed leadership model built on a cooperative format, advising clients and leading  projects with a co-creative and improvisation-based approach.


Through the acquisition of significant learnings and experience building brand voice inside organizations, we witnessed a common market pain: the difficulty for women to voice their truth.


Today, Yin Leadership Network is born. It is the first community designed to help women find and express their voices, providing specialized paths and programs that empower them to make their mark.

The Revolution is in the Voices of Women.