One Book at a Time

The stories we tell have the power to influence the narrative of generations. What would be possible if those stories belonged to everyone?

Voices from the small village in a remote part of the world can inspire people living miles apart and light their imagination.

Diversity can teach us we have so much more in common than we suspected.

And it can help us the richness of culture and tradition combined with the human ingenuity and creativity of a new context.

Wayetu Moore founded One Moore Book, a children’s book publishing company, in order to provide culturally sensitive and educational stories for children living in regions with low literacy rates and underrepresented cultures.

To date, One Moore Book has published 21 titles featuring culturally significant stories for children of Liberia, Guinea, Haiti, and Brazil, written and illustrated by writers and artists from each respective country. They have also donated more than 8,000 books to young readers around the world.

Diversity in storytelling platforms isn’t exclusive to culture or race,” Moore says. “I would love to see more diverse stories of women as well. Truth is the first way of doing that. Demanding truthful and fair representations is revolutionary.

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Credits: This post is an exert from this article recently published.