Weaving Networks of Trust

Developing your voice is a useful skill to pair with expertise and passion for an industry. Imagine creating a platform for a network of experienced craftspeople to connect them with connoisseurs and lovers of the ancient trade of watch-making.

"Giorgia Mondani is redefining the world of luxury watches and has set a groundbreaking foundation with Mondani Web. Her equation with tickers has prominently made her one of the thriving experts in the industry of watches.

Since years, the Mondani family has been enjoying the legacy in watch dealerships and Georgia has managed to bag vast knowledge of horology.

After graduating in foreign languages, she completed her internship at Antiquorum, joined her family business and successfully captivated the attention of many through her unmatchable expertise and affection for watches.

Coming with a refined mindset, she has built a huge network of trusted watch dealers and a specialized social media agency in the world of watches.

The rarest and luxury collection of watches in her network has become the trusted brands who have been growing ceaselessly."

Discover Giorgia Mondani instagram channel.

This post is from a recent article on the top 10 Inspirational Women and Their Success Stories

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