From Women to Women: Bouncing Back to Thrive

Maybe this is you.

Those of us who've been through the ringer know a thing of two about scars. Don't let them temper your resolve, but instead, use them as a tonic and inspiration for confident action.

Carmel Batticciotto

Practice Lead, Talent Development


“I have also been inspired by individuals who have suffered from great adversity and have managed to bounce back and thrive. Turia Pitt is an Australian woman who was the victim of a bushfire and fought an extensive battle to overcome her injuries. She is now a public figure who openly shares her story and helps and inspires others in the community.

She reminds me that, although we can’t always control the events in our life, we can control our reaction to them. Her fighting spirit and never-give-up attitude is a huge inspiration to me."

This post is from a recent article on 12 Inspiring Stories for Women from Women.

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